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Dear Visitor,

Lent is almost over, and the holiest week of the year begins at 6pm on Saturday, April 12, with our first Palm Sunday celebration.

The word “holy” means “set apart for God’s purpose.” During Holy Week, we worship daily.  On Palm Sunday, April 13, we reenact the Lord Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem with the procession with palms. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of Holy Week, our noonday Eucharists retrace the Lord Jesus’ last days before His passion.

The Triduum (the three days) are at the heart of the Christian story. On Maundy Thursday, April 17, at noon and 7pm, we begin with the sermon, offer the individual assurance of forgiveness, and reenact our Lord’s washing of feet, and the institution of the Lord’s Supper. At the evening Eucharist, we strip the altar as a reminder of the Lord Jesus humbling Himself even unto death on a cross.

On Good Friday, April 18,  at noon, the congregation reads the Passion according to St. John, prays for the whole Church and the unbelieving world in the bidding prayer, and quietly celebrates the Lord Jesus’ victory on the cross over sin, death, and Satan. At 7pm, the adult choir leads us in meditations upon the 7 last words of Christ at the Tenebrae, the service of shadows.

On Holy Saturday, April 19, at 6pm, our worship begins in darkness, relives the salvation story from creation through redemption, renews our baptismal vows, and celebrates the Good News of Christ’s resurrection.

On Easter Sunday, April 20, at 6:30pm, the congregation gathers outside in the courtyard on the back side of our building to celebrate the resurrection of Christ at sunrise. At 8:30 and 11am, our parish musicians lead us in two glorious festival Eucharists rejoicing that death has no more dominion over us!

Easter Monday, April 21, we sing Evening Prayer at 6pm with great joy that the heartbreaking reign of sin, death, and evil has been destroyed by the death and resurrection of God’s Son Jesus.

Join us in these last days of Lent and each day of Holy Week. As you hear the old, old story of Jesus and His love day by day with an open heart and mind, you will discover new joy and meaning for your life.

 Thanks for stopping by!

Peace and joy,

Pastor Sam Zumwalt, STS

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Calendar at a Glance for 1 Week

Youth Groups (excluding May thru August)

Wednesday at 6:00 pm (Middle School) and Sunday from 6:00 to 7:30 pm (High School) .

Wednesday Music Practice Schedule:

5:00 Little Luther Choir (PK4-1st grade) 5:25pm Luther Choir (grades 2-5)

6:00-6:45pm Handbell Choir (older youth and adults)

7:00-8:30pm Adult Choir